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Clarify Your Marketing

A clear marketing message and website that grows your business.
  • Stand Out From Competition
  • Clarify Your Message
  • NGet Your Marketing Done Right

Stop Marketing Like An Amateur

Your marketing isn’t clear. You are frustrated your marketing isn’t growing your business. You should be able to get your marketing to work.


The Plan Is Simple


1. Clarify Your Message

Through a series of 1-on-1 draft sessions, we help you create your marketing message.


2. Wireframe Your Content

Depending on the package you choose, we’ll create the marketing content (website, video, social media) your business needs.

3. Go Live

Breath a sigh of relief knowing your marketing is taken care of.

We will guide you.

We know how hard it is to create marketing that actually works.
  • N100+ webpages built
  • N200+ videos edited

You’re Confusing Customers

Stand Out

Remedy your online presence with consistent branding.

Be Clear

Communicate a clear message that makes you stand out.

Get Clients

Clarify your product/service as the solution to your customer’s problem.

“(They) took all my suggestions and feedback into account and created a website I am really happy with.”

Karen B.


“(They) will exceed your expectations and work with your schedule to achieve the perfect design for you!”

Steven S.


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Get the “5-Step Marketing Checklist”

  • Gauge your current marketing needs
  • Works like a marketing plan
  • Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn't work

Get Your Marketing Done Right

Many business owners struggle to get their marketing to work. At Simple Advising, we help them create marketing content so they deliver a clear message that attracts the right people and grows their business.

The problem is that your marketing isn’t clear which makes you feel frustrated your marketing isn’t growing your business. We believe you should be able to get your marketing to grow your business.
We know how hard it is to create marketing that actually works. We’ve built over 100+ webpages and created over 200+ videos for companies big and small. Here’s how it works:
1. Clarify Your Message
2. Wireframe Your Content
3. Go Live
So, register so you can stop looking like an amateur, and start delivering a clear marketing message that grows your business.

What We Provide


  • 1-on-1 one hour draft session
  • 30 minute revision session
  • A one sentence elevator pitch for your social bio, phone calls, business card, email signature, start and end of your online presentation, and more.
Brand Message
  • 1-on-1 hour draft session
  • 1-on-1 hour revision session
  • A seven-part brand message
  • Website copy for one landing page
  • We use the Storybrand principles
  • Homepage
  • Contact Page
  • Up to 2 additional pages of your choice
  • 2 rounds of revision through easy software
  • Design Tweaks (color, fonts, etc.)
  • Blog Functionality
  • 1 Integration with your booking software, custom form, payment, etc.
  • Basic SEO

Here's all the techy details:

  • Fast, reliable website hosting
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • SSL encryption (https instead of http)
  • Domain hosting (importing your current domain is not an issue)
  • We connect your site to Google
  • Basic on-page and technical SEO
  • Optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Email IMAP/POP3 upon request (limited storage)
  • Bug fixes and maintaining website health



then 2nd year



Optional Addons



  • 2 five minute videos per month
  • Intro and outro template
  • we provide you the gear to film with your phone
  • we teach you how to use the gear


  • We edit for you
  • We provide easy software to upload and download your videos
  • We provide easy software to make notes for editing


  • $1500 down
  • $200/month
Monthly Social Media

Talking Points

  • Initial 1-on-1 one hour draft session
  • In-depth brand messaging
  • Reusable talking points branded for social media

Monthly Posts

  • 4 branded posts every month
  • Webinar/event templates
  • Covers statuary holidays
  • Customized for 2 different social platforms


  • $1000 down
  • $200/month
Website Editing
  • Includes hosting ($35/month waived)
  • 1 annual website refresh
  • Editing access for text, images, and adding pages
  • We update text/image changes upon request
  • 1 website section (design of text/images) revision per month upon request
  • 1 round of revision through easy software


  • $100/month
Web Buildout
  • 6-20 pages
  • 2-8 week setup


  • $5000+
  • Custom quote
Mission Statement
  • Up to two 4-hour draft sessions with your team
  • Up to one 4-hour revision session with your team
  • Clear mission statement that inspires
  • Guiding principles your people actually remember
  • Key actions your people know word-for-word to live daily
  • Long form story pitch


  • $2,500 down
  • $2,500 upon completion


  • 90 day, 6 month, 1 year strategic plan


  • 2 one hour coaching sessions per month
  • Email access to a certified coach
  • Use a proven method:
    • Strategy: strategic planning
    • Execution: what are you doing
    • People: who is doing what
    • Cash: what are your numbers


  • $5000 down
  • $500/month

Unless otherwise stated, all subscriptions start in the 2nd month after initial payment.

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Avoid the Frustration

If you don’t register, you might:

  • MHave a poor online presence
  • MLet your competition win
  • MWaste money and time trying to DIY
  • MStay frustrated with your scattered design and confusing brand
  • MLook like an amateur
  • MConfuse your customers and lose their business


Website Setup: $3,500

Unless otherwise stated, all subscriptions start in the 2nd month after initial payment.

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